No Slave

by The Williamsboy



written by Matt Williams, recorded at Dirt Floor Studios , engineer Eric Lichter, Produced by Eric Licther and Matt Williams, Song written by Matt Williams. Organ, Pedal Steel, Synth, Bass provided by Eric Lichter. Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Vox, Harmonica by Matt Wililams Mastered by Steve Weytus Dirt Floor Studios.


You don't own me
you don't control me
you won't keep my spirit from lifting off the ground
you were the demon
I was the body
I was your door way
you had me locked away in the dark, bound and torn

I'm no slave anymore
I'm no slave

your tongue was twisted
shaped so curvaceous
you taste like pleasure
it as lust when my lips first touched your mouth
oh and how your love flowed out

I'm no slave anymore
I'm no slave

Once it gets inside
it'll muddle up your mind
Once it grabs hold
You may never see the light
Take caution my friends
Listen to what I say
Or you will toil in the mire as a slave

You were the demon
I was the body
i'm not your doorway
you won't keep me locked away in the dark
I'm not bound any longer

I'm no slave anymore
I'm no slave


released March 1, 2015
Eric Lichter on Bass, Organ, Pedal Steel, Synth,
Matt Wililams on Guitar, Vocals, Drums, Harmonica
Song written by Matt Williams
Engineered by Eric Lichter @ Dirt Floor Studios
Produced by Eric Lichter and Matt Williams
Masterd by Steve Weytus




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