Ghost on the bayou

by Williamsboy



The story of this song came to life in the 6th grade. A writing assignment was given to us to write a story. My story was of a boy who befriended a ghost. The darker side of the story infidelity,murder,etc... came later in life.


momma say, don't play by the water
she say if you fall in you can't get out
many a town folk know the story
of how that water came to be cursed
legend say back 60 years
there was a beautiful lady from a bayou town with a broken heart
she down to the water to skip some stones, before she threw a rock
her cheating man with a gun in his hand squeezed off a shot
he couldn't have her tell anyone, exactly what he'd done
to be a cheating man
some people say that they see her
they say at midnight she walks around
down by the water’s edge by and oak tree
you find her skipping stones while she cries
late one night i snuck out my window headed down to the water’s edge
waiting to see her, and before my eyes, plain as day out of the water she came and I was hypnotized, paralyzed the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen in my entire life was skipping stones. while she cried.
something happened that i was not expecting
she walked up to me
gave me some rocks
one by one we stood side by she'd throw one than i across the lake
the full moon high in the sky we skipped rocks all through the night
she look over at me with them beautiful eyes, and curly hair
gave me a smile
then she disappeared
lady of the black water lake
ghost on the bayou
lady of the black water lake
ghost on the bayou


released October 16, 2013
recorded at Laughing boys Recording in S.Orange NJ Engineered by Tom Lucas and Ed Iglewski. Mastered by Alex Saltz of APS Mastering NYC. Produced by Bill Levinson working dog records 2012. written by Matt Williams (m.Billy Williams, aka billy williams, aka Williamsboy, aka, the williamsboy.)




Williamsboy New Jersey

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